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Support Virginia’s Coastal Wilds in a variety of ways!


Only 1% of Virginia’s coastal land is publicly owned. For those who don’t live on the water, getting access could be impossible.

Through the generosity of landowners, the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority accepts land donations. Since 2006, we’ve added dozens of new parcels of waterfront land. Today, the Public Access Authority gratefully accepts land donations to support its mission in providing Virginians with water access.

Benefits of Land Donation

Not everyone has coastal land they can part with—and that’s why donors are so important!

By donating unwanted parcels, landowners:

  • Leave a coastal legacy for the benefit of their community
  • Inspire the next generation by providing adults and children with water access
  • Support the economy of the Middle Peninsula by creating a new recreational site
  • Receive income tax benefits

For more information, consult the Virginia Department of Taxation and your attorney or accountant.

Criteria for Land Donation

To be eligible to donate land to the Public Access Authority, your land must meet three criteria:

  • Have a clear property title
  • Be adjacent to the water
  • Be in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula

Contact Lewis L. Lawrence at the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority for more information on the process.

125 Bowden Street
PO Box 286
Saluda, VA 23149


Virginia’s Coastal Wilds grows thanks to the support of the community in the donation of time (we can use volunteers on these public access properties), talent (do you have in-kind services or items you can donate?) and treasure (we will gladly accept your monetary donation)!

Interested in lending your support?


It’s all about a connection. A connection of our natural resources to people who want to enjoy them. A connection of visitors to the businesses in the region. A connection of your company to the audience we spend a great deal of time cultivating!

If you’d like to connect with the Virginia’s Coastal Wilds audience for your business through a sponsored content program, please contact


Do you sell goods and services in Virginia’s rural coastal region? We invite you to earmark a portion of proceeds from those sales to Virginia’s Coastal Wilds and the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority.

Need some inspiration?
Click here to read how Marker Nine did just that. 

If you’d like to lend your corporate support, please contact so the marketing team and promote your generosity through our communications channels (including here on the website).

Support the Coastal Wilds

Virginia’s Coastal Wilds grows thanks to the support of the community in the donation of land, time, talent and treasure! Interested in lending your support?