Paddle Pub Crawl Middle Peninsula

Plan your own Paddle and Pub Crawl

What feels better than sipping a beer after working up a sweat?

How about doing both while celebrating all that is unique about the Middle Peninsula with a do-it-yourself Paddle and Pub Crawl? Burn those calories while having fun along some of the most scenic waterways in Virginia. Paddling — whether in a kayak or on a stand-up paddle board — engages all the muscles. It’s a full body workout that builds camaraderie among friends and promotes a peaceful serenity between you and the water.

It just so happens that Gloucester and its 506 miles of shoreline are home to the Gloucester Blueways, a system of water trails spanning five tidal rivers, dozens of navigable creeks and a lake formed by a man-made impoundment.

Thanks to the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority, locals and visitors can explore thousands of additional miles of shoreline across the entire region, too, where the sunsets are free, and every breath is another chance to inhale the salty air.

Now that you know about the paddle part, here’s what’s cool about pubbing on the MidPen.

Plenty of local brews on tap can quench that thirst and continue that vibe that started when you launched your boat or board.


Before you head out to the water, hydrate the old-fashioned way (more water, please) while obeying all Virginia laws. We want you to stay safe out there!

Plan you own Paddle and Pub Crawl by following these steps!


You’ll need gear starting with a kayak and one paddle per person or a paddleboard if you’re traveling that way. Don’t forget to strap on a personal flotation device and carry a signaling whistle just in case. You’ll probably want a dry bag for personal items. Never paddle alone. Need more safety tips? Visit the Virginia Water Trails site here.


Launch! Click on the interactive map provided on the Virginia Water Trails website to choose where you want to start. If this is your first time, choose a Beginner trail. Intermediate and Advanced options are for more seasoned kayakers and paddleboarders.


Paddle as long as you’d like but remember — save some energy for the paddle back!


Once you’ve made it to your destination, grab a bite and a brew at one of several pubs.

Sharing just a few favorites below!


You’ll want to document your trek and tag away on your favorite social media platforms. Please use #VaCoastalWilds so we can see your excursion!


Head back to your launching points well before dark. Savor your special day and make plans for your next paddle and pub crawl!


YROC Coastal Bar and Grill

How many ways can you eat a taco? Tag @yrocbarandgrill and @yroccoastalgrill.

The Hole in the Wall restaurant on Gwynn’s Island Friday September 7, 2021.
Hole in the Wall

Save room for the Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake at the Wall on Gwynn’s Island! Tag @hitwgrill and @HITWWG.

Merroir restaurant across the water from Regent Point Marina Wednesday April 14, 2021.

Riverfront gourmet oyster tasting in Topping. Tag @merroir_topping and @Merroir

Deltaville Tap & Raw Bar on Jackson Creek Friday September 7, 2021.
Deltaville Raw and Tap Bar

Sample some crab puppies where the river meets the bay. Tag @dvlrawbar

Urbanna Seafood Market & Raw Bar

Devour your po-boy on the water. The fresh seafood rivals the spectacular view.

Zoll Vineyards

Yes, there’s handmade chocolates at this farm-to-table winery. Reservations are a must for sweet and savory pairings.

That Damn Mary Brewing Company

Hayes is home some special beers with the funkiest names. Year-round faves include Arm Candy and Dragonfly Groove. Tag @thatdamnmarybrewingcompany and @ThatDamnMary

Gloucester Brewing Company

Gloucester’s first locally owned craft brewery gets it right every time. Tag @globrewco and @GloucesterBrewingCo

Dragon Run Brewing

Seasonal selection on tap along with a limited food menu. Tag @dragonrunbrewing and @DragonRunBrewing.

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